Friday, October 27, 2017

Comparing Single Board Microcontrollers

Happy Friday . . if you happen to be reading this on a Friday! So I am officially retired from teaching. I sleep in, read books, do errands and wonder where the day went! I still mentor for FRC team 4992 so I'm back in to the school two afternoons a week. I will do some supply work but otherwise my schedule is pretty clear. I planned to spend some more time on this blog and perhaps widen the scope a little but here it is already the end of October and I am finally sitting down to get at it. The first order at hand was to be a comprehensive list of Microntrollers but thanks to ZeusGuy, Graeme Bartlett et al there is now a nice long list on Wikipedia. Good job people.

The teachers in my department all pitched in and got me this neat little desktop CNC machine for my retirement gift. In the next couple of blog posts I'll talk about using Eagle CAD to generate G code files to make small circuit boards on this machine.

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