Saturday, December 24, 2011

Will the Tech. Design lab be the new Library?

We have been building the resources available to our students in our Tech. Design (Robotics) lab this year. Earlier this fall an old CNC lathe (last used 15 years ago) went out to be refurbished. We anticipate its return shortly. In the mean time an old vinyl cutter caught the eye of our students. They make original vector graphics produced by tracing original or bitmap artwork in Corel Draw. The old cutter has been replaced by a new model that is faster and more accurate on small details. Along with a heat press the students will be able to produce custom t-shirts. The students also use a CNC router and a Desktop CNC mill to complete design projects.

As I think about the robotics lab in our new school, Craig Kielburger Secondary, I've been thinking about how neat it would be to add a 3D printer to the mix. That's why this weeks Spark episode really grabbed my attention. Have a listen. Maybe 'Hacker Space' would make a better name for shop?
.... I wonder!

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