Saturday, June 26, 2010

Microcontroller Investigation part 2.

The story so far. I ordered and built a Freeduino board, made by Seeedstudio, from Robotshop. The board went together OK following the NKC Electronics instructions but the Atmega 168 chip was faulty. I called Robotshop and they sent me over a new Atmega 328 chip. That chip doesn't work either. In the mean time I ordered a 328 chip from Seeedstudio. I'm still waiting for that one. The Arduino community is full of neat projects. I'd like to build the pong game using a 9 x9 LED array.

I am considering a BASIC stamp module kit. This Parallax product has some very good texts to help teach electronics and microcontroller programming basics. The stamp community has some good projects as well. I'm still waiting for the kit.

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