Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Seeeduino v328 and DSO Nano

The new preassembled Seeeduino v328 came in today. Hooked it up to my laptop and it worked right away. My July 2 speculation that the FT232RL USB to serial chip on the Freeduino is blown is correct. I get the same error message on the new board if I choose the wrong com port in the IDE. I'll put the broken board aside for now. I guess at some point I can wire up a db 9 serial interface - 3 transistors - and program this board from a serial port directly into the Arduio chip.

I also got a DSO Nano oscilloscope! One of the 2 power wires to the main board broke off right away while inserting the battery. I got that soldered back on and tried it out - very cool This should prove to be very usefull in troubleshooting problems like the Freeduino and for demonstrating waveforms to my classes.

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